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Russian Stove

The Russian Stove



Welcome to perhaps one of the most interesting web pages on the Internet. Why you ask? Well, perhaps after going through it you will understand why. This web page is devoted to "The Russian Stove". You may not have the slightest idea what the "Russian Stove" is. It is our goal that after you have visited this web sight and have understood its content, you will not only know exactly what a "Russian Stove" is but you might desperately wish you had one.

   There are, on this web page, a series of Drawings, Pictures and Writings that will help you better understand the idea behind the Russian Stove. We appreciate you stopping by and hope you like what you see. We would love to hear your comments.







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Time for a fire

General NewsIt has been quite cold around here for the past week, so I decided to build a fire in the RS. I went to my sons house and got two wheelbarrows full of some old wood he had that was cut for use in a wood burning stove or a fireplace. Wood you burn in a RS is cut smaller in diameter and longer in length than for a open fireplace, so I split them down to about 3 inches, the pieces he had are about 16 inches long, more like what you would use in a wood burning stove. In our RS, which is the one you see in the drawing on our home page, you can see that much longer pieces of wood could be used. If you have them, old 2/4's work good, cut up to about 4 feet long. When I use two by fours it takes about 32 feet of studs to fill it up, and that makes a wonderful fire, but for now we are just using this old stuff.


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